Abbie's Story

Abbie and her family used to live in a townhouse on Queen Street in uptown Saint John. Abbie's son who is only three years old began to tell her about a little boy that would come to visit him. The little boy's name was “Johnny” who was also three years old. Abbie's son continued to tell her that “Johnny” liked to play soccer, had a kitty named Tails and he was very afraid of trains. Abbie originally thought her son had acquired an imaginary friend....but as more details surfaced through her son, she realized he may be seeing a spirit.

Abbie found some strange drawings on her son's floor, and when she approached him he had told her that the little boy “Johnny” had made him draw these pictures. Abbie felt that these pictures were advanced compared to some of the other drawings her son had done. Below are the pictures Abbie's son drew...what do you think?? Abbie and members of Loyalist City Paranormal agree that we may now know why “Johnny” was afraid of the trains!

Abbie felt that she was always being watched in that townhouse, her and her family would hear footsteps and her cats were “especially disturbed and high anxiety” while living at this address. Something else that was peculiar is that her son would demand that his bedroom windows which faced Partridge Island be completely covered. Although Abbie had never spoken to her son about the history of the island, he felt that it was bad there.

Since moving from the townhouse Abbie is happy to report that her son has not since talked about the boy or the strange happenings other than to say that he likes his new bedroom because “there are no more shadows”, and Abbie's cats are once again content.