Carol's brother bought a house on Princess Street in uptown Saint John and Carol moved into one of the apartments in the building shortly thereafter. Strange things began to happen after Carol moved in, she and others in the apartment were seeing black shadows in the shape of people, she always felt as if someone was there with her even when she was alone, and through the hot air vents in the floor someone playing the piano could be heard. There was a piano left in the apartment when Carol moved in...she did not want the piano and thought maybe the mysterious music she was hearing through the vents would stop once she had gotten the piano out of her house. Carol found someone interested in the piano and so she called the movers to come and get it. The movers found that they could not remove the piano from the house with out damaging the walls and the floors. The prospective buyer decided it was too much trouble and backed out of the deal. Carol then decided she would take the piano apart piece by piece and discard of it.

With the piano gone, Carol hoped the music she had heard would follow but that was not the case. She continued to hear the music. One day she decided to follow the sound down to the soon as she opened the door it stopped!

There was a shed with a back room that was full of old furniture and other items that were left there that the family decided to clean out. They proceeded to give some pieces away and throw some things out. When the items were all gone from the shed, mysteriously Carol found that things were somehow coming back! She would find something and then throw it back out again...was there a spirit there that did not want to part with it's belongings?

Carol's brother wanted to insulate the attic up in the crawl space, when they got up there to get to work they had found an old pair of shoes like granny boots. They were all laced up. Carol threw them out and they reappeared in the apartment soon afterwards! Every time she tried to get rid of them they would come back. She thought maybe someone was playing a joke, but everyone she asked had remembered the boots but had not seen them since they had been discarded.

Carol went through some terrible times with her Ex husband and she had been injured. She stayed in the apartment one night by herself...while laying in bed she saw a black figure standing by her bedroom door. She followed the figure out to the kitchen and it moved toward her! All of a sudden she felt as if she was being lifted up and pushed toward the kitchen window!! Terrified, Carol fought back and was able to free herself from this entity. After that night Carol decided enough was enough and she left the apartment for good!

While Carol was living at this apartment she had spoken to her neighbours to see if they had had any strange occurrences. She was surprised to find that they had! One neighbour in the apartment beneath Carol said that they would leave a counter full of dirty dishes to wash in the morning and when they awoke and went out to the kitchen would find the dishes all clean! No one in the apartment had done them! Needless to say this building has had some very strange and mysterious happenings!!