Rose's Story On Deadman's Harbour Road

When Rose's husband suddenly passed away earlier this year from a heart attack, the family was shocked and began the slow and painful grieving process. One morning shortly after his death, Rose came down to her kitchen and looked out the window and noticed that her late husband's truck looked as if the lights were on. She thought maybe her eyes were playing tricks on her but upon further inspection she saw exhaust coming from the tail pipe. Rose then noticed that the keys to the truck were on the kitchen counter, how could the truck be running without the keys in the ignition? Rose ran outside with the keys and wondered how she was going to turn the truck off with the keys that weren't even in the ignition! She tried to use the keys and it didn't work, Rose was seconds away from calling someone to come and pull the battery out when the truck just stopped on it's own!

Not long after that incident, Rose was laying in bed with her husband's ashes next to her and was upset and the tears began to pour as she thought of him. She got up to get herself cleaned up and when she turned she saw a warm glowing orange light appear over a crumpled piece of paper towel that hadn't been there before. She is sure the paper towel was not there before and the next day when she went to the spare room where she uses her computer she found that the piece of paper towel she kept her drink on was missing! Had her husband moved the paper towel over for her to use as she wept for him in the other room?

Rose had also noticed things moving around on their own, the shower curtain fluttering as if in the wind when there was no wind present, the beads on the door in her kitchen pulled out from where they were tied back, her clothes which had been on the floor by her bed in the morning, picked up and on the night stand when she returned in the evening. She feels as if he is still present and taking care of her.

Rose's daughter Aimee had also felt her stepfather's presence while spending the night in the spare room. She awoke to find a white light glowing and moving along the side of the bed back and forth. She watched the light for a long time before she either fell asleep or the light disappeared. Another guest in that room has seen the same light.

Rose's husband was cremated and the ashes split among Rose and his daughter. Rose kept some ashes in an urn which she will someday share with him and decided to bury the others with his father in the cemetery. So Rose, her daughter Aimee, and granddaughter Kaitlin had a small burial ceremony to lay some of his ashes to rest. After the ceremony was over and the minister left them to have a moment to themselves, Aimee felt as if she should turn around, something wanted her to turn around. Just as she did she could hear Kaitlin say “Look over there!” there was a single balloon floating away from where they were! The three looked on in awe until they could no longer see it. Each one knew it was a sign from him and a powerful one indeed!

We had the opportunity to spend a few hours at Rose's house to investigate and see if we could find anything. We caught a few strange lights on video and a strange noise coming from the spare room that almost sounds like a heart monitor!

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