Katie used to live in an apartment on Crown Street in uptown Saint John. Certain areas in the apartment would get extremely cold for no reason and doors could be heard opening when no one was there to open them. Katie and her roommate were constantly sick and depressed and argued all the time. Katie's roommate who she describes as an “incredibly rational” person with no belief in the supernatural told Katie that they needed to get out of the apartment because he felt that whatever was going on there was going to kill them one day!

One night Katie heard a knock at the door and as she went to go answer it she felt as if something stopped her and wanted her to look out the window to see who was there. When she looked out she saw a solid figure that was about 7 to 8 feet tall, shaped like a man, but had no features, was just solid black. She had been holding her dog whom she thinks saw the figure as well because he yelped...Both were frozen, Katie felt as if she couldn't move or breathe for a few seconds and then she just ran! She ran to her bedroom and when she returned later there was nothing there!

Katie had been sitting in her bedroom one night with a friend. Her new roommate was in her bedroom with her girlfriend when Katie heard a loud bang on her bedroom window. She then saw a shadow fly from the window straight out her bedroom door! Katie and her friend then heard her roommate's bedroom door swing open! Shortly afterwards the roommate came to Katie's room to ask what had happened. She told them that her door had burst open, her room had gotten very cold and her girlfriend felt as if someone had been sitting on her chest!

When Katie lived in this apartment her cat became very reclusive, and another would not leave her side. She also thought that her dog seemed depressed. Since moving from this apartment the animals have seemed to recover so to speak and are all perfectly fine.