Story provided by Carleton County Paranormal

Mystye's story is about George and Jake. Who are they you ask? They are the spirits that lived with Mystye and her family of 5 in Cloverdale, NB. Mystye and her husband bought the house years ago and they were already familiar with the family that owned the house when it was built. Something interesting about that is, the deed to the house was dated 1904 and it was hand written. Mystye says that they had to establish there house and property before they were given a deed. So that means the house was built sometime before 1904 and nobody is sure how many years before.

The house is totally full of history! Mystye left a lot of things as it was back in the early 1900s. Things like little notes and lists the original owners had written as reminders or inventory of bottled food and meat. There are writings on the walls with names and dates, eg. first house to have power in Cloverdale. AND the place was full of antiques and pieces of history. It's like walking back in time. Now, what makes it a little more interesting is the fact that there are two graves with headstones of 8 year old Pearl who died of diabetes and a grave marked "baby" who was a stillborn baby.

Getting back to Jake and George. Jake was the original owner and father to George and the the two children buried beside the house. Mystye believes they are there to protect the house, which would explain why a house that is over 110 years old is in such remarkable shape! Mystye would hear George knock on the window at around ten o'clock almost every night. Her son(who was under 4 years old) would talk to George some. George would tell her son where to find things in the house and property like a lunchbox in the attic and a good fishing hole out behind the house. Mystye saw dark shadows moving across the top shelf in the laundry room. She saw a man with an old wool lumber jacket standing outside her window. She went to the door to see who was there and to her surprise, nobody was there! She felt cold spots and witnessed baffling happenings, for instance, a huge oak tree fell on her house and she acquired no damage to the roof or house! The original owners installed a bathroom on the second floor but, Jake wouldn't use it because he didn't believe water would run uphill so he continued to go to the shed where there was an outhouse.

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