North End Residence

A beautiful house located in the North End of Saint John that has three levels has had its share of unexplained events, and its inhabitants have had nothing but bad luck since they moved in. The house was bought in 1975 by our client’s family and they have experienced strange things over the years, some downright terrifying! In doing some research we found that this house is located very close to where a graveyard once was, we found that this graveyard may have even extended onto the property of our client’s family’s house. Years ago the bodies were exhumed and reburied in another area.

The experiences are many and so we will look at the events that have occurred floor by floor starting with the ground floor apartment. The owner of the house lives in this apartment and one of the many things that have happened to him occurred in the bathroom while he was shaving. There was a stack of towels folded neatly behind him when he began and when he finished and turned to take one he found them all unfolded and on the floor!

One night just before doing the dishes, the owner removed his watch and placed it on the counter. He proceeded to wash them when he heard a noise behind him. He turned to see what the noise was and there was his watch lying in the middle of the floor of the kitchen. He was nowhere near the watch when this occurred!

The owner’s bedroom originally was located in the back of the house. One night while reading he felt the pillow begin to curl up around his head! This disturbed him and he left the room that night and slept on the couch. Another night he awoke to find a man standing at the foot of his bed, Well that was the last straw for him...he has since locked and sealed the door and not returned. Our client’s bedroom is located directly above the owner’s old bedroom and late at night even though it is locked and sealed she can still hear banging and crashing coming from that room.

Now we move onto the second floor where our client lives with her husband. She had been researching the house and trying to find some old pictures to give to the owner when she came across a picture of a girl standing in front of the house. It was a young teenage girl that our client thought looked a lot like her, which confused her because judging by the cars in the photo she figured it had been taken in the early seventies and she would not have been that age at that time. She managed to track her down and found out that the girl who was now a woman had been visiting her aunt and uncle at the time. Before our client had a chance to mention anything strange happening, the woman told our client that her aunt and uncle weren’t long living there because they felt uncomfortable. When our client asked her to elaborate on this statement she told this story.

It was Christmas and the family living in the house at the time were having a festive gathering of friends and family. While in the kitchen the family heard heavy footsteps coming up the back stairs from the basement. They then heard and saw the door knob turn and the footsteps proceeded down the hall to the room where their Christmas tree was. The tinsel on the tree began to move as if a breeze had just picked up in the room and their cat began to hiss at something. The footsteps then went down the front stairs and out the entrance.

The beautiful French doors off of her living room open on their own. She had been sitting watching TV when the doors opened, she got up and closed them and checked to ensure they were closed tight. Moments later the doors opened again!

Finally there is the attic apartment. Although everyone in the entire house has experienced bad luck; tenants of the attic apartment have dealt with breakups, money problems, depression and divorce. The first experience our client remembers is when a tenant with a small child lived in the apartment; the child could be heard speaking to someone. One night the mother found the child standing in the crib pointing and saying “Man! Woman!” over and over again. Our client has seen a man in the attic apartment. And the owner has seen a woman there.

Our client at one time lived down the street from the address she lives in now, and her sister lived in the attic apartment. She walked by the building on her way home from work with a friend and looked up to the attic window. She and the friend both saw a man in the window. Our client waved at the man thinking it must be a family member or friend. When she saw her sister the next day she asked who was up in the apartment at that time. The sister looked at our client like she was crazy and told her that no one had been in the apartment that day.

The owner of the building was pulling out of the driveway one morning and looked up at the house as he did most mornings. Our client at this time was living in the attic apartment but was already at work when this incident occurred. The owner saw a woman in the window wearing a nightgown and looking back down at him. There was no one in the building at that time!

The attic has been riddled with activity from unseen forces. Faucets turn on by themselves, doors open and close on their own and a battery powered teddy bear speak without being touched by anyone. One particularly frightening occurrence took place when the attic apartment was empty and the owner and his son were on the second floor doing some renovations. They both heard banging and crashing coming from the attic sounded as if the apartment was being torn apart! Both the owner and his son went running to see who was causing all the noise up there. The owner went up the front way and his son up the back brandishing his golf club so that they had the person or people trapped if they tried to escape. When they reached the attic apartment it was completely empty, calm, peaceful and serene.

Our client lived in the attic apartment for some time before moving to the middle floor. During the time that she lived there she had ended a rocky relationship with a man and after he left strange things began to happen to her. One night while lying in bed reading she began to drift off and eventually fell asleep with the lights on. She awoke to a strange chanting that was coming from down the hall. She described it as ceremonial sounding and evil. She only listened for a moment because it frightened her and then she decided to clear her throat loudly in the hopes that whoever or whatever was making that noise would realize she was awake and the noise stopped immediately.

About a month after this strange incident, our client was in bed reading again when she felt the bed begin to shake. It would rock back and forth...not just a sensation that maybe the bed was moving, but it was actually moving!! She also had an antique dresser with a mirror on it that would also rock, so much so that a necklace she had hanging on the dresser mirror would bang against the glass! Our client was so upset by this that she moved to the couch to sleep as it was closer to the door if she needed to make a quick exit.

When she noticed that the TV in the living room was also rocking....our client decided to get up and stand by the door, she was completely terrified and wondered what would happen next, she was crying and begging them to stop. That was the worst experience our client had in the home. Luckily she moved to the middle flat not long after that with her husband.

After the client had moved to the middle floor a family friend took over the attic apartment. This friend had been in several car accidents and was prescribed pain killers which she ultimately became addicted to. Around this time her husband began to abuse her and he eventually left. Our client took on the task of looking out for her after that. This friend, however became a hoarder and completely ruined the apartment. During one of the friend’s stays at the hospital our client cared for her cats. She went up one evening to spend some time with the cats. She sat on the couch in the quiet apartment and heard a loud clap in the corner of the room. She quickly turned to see what was there and saw nothing. She then got angry and called out to whomever or whatever she thought was making the noise “Alright you guys, I don’t want you scaring these cats, they are alone most of the time...could you just be good?” our client had just finished speaking the words when in the spare bedroom it seemed all hell broke loose! It sounded to her like chairs were hitting the walls it was so active in there! She then was too frightened to go down the hall to leave the apartment and so called down to her husband to come up right away. She heard him coming up the stairs and that was when the noise stopped. They looked in that room and nothing was disturbed, it was the way it had always been.

After the friend returned from the hospital the condition of the apartment worsened and unfortunately the owner of the building had to evict her, she is no longer a friend of the family. Our client feels that it was the friend’s moving into the apartment that brought all of these bad experiences on, that there is something within the building that causes bad luck, and horrible things to happen to those that dwell within.

Another of our client’s family members live in that apartment now and she fears for them and their young son who at one point was afraid to sleep in his own room.

Our group had the opportunity to investigate this North End house and had some interesting experiences, both leading up to and during the investigation. Read about this in our next story North End Investigation.

Here's a clip from this house. This is interesting because as something floats by the camera, it actually makes a noise... You may need good speakers and turn it up a bit.