Bayview Area

A young couple living on the East side of Saint John have been experiencing strange things in their home that seemed to be focused around their infant son. They called in our group to investigate and these are the experiences our client, the mother of the baby, shared with us. It began with the client hearing a baby crying on the baby monitor when their son was not even home. She thought it strange but tried to explain it away, perhaps the monitor was picking up from a monitor in another home close by.

She then started to notice that her son was waking frequently through the night and stared at one corner in his room. He almost seemed to speak and get upset with whatever he was seeing if anything in that spot. In that same corner of the room sits a rocking chair given to the family by our client’s husband’s grandfather. One night as our client walked toward the baby’s room to check on him she saw a dark figure sitting in the chair. She was startled and froze as she heard the figure say “What are you doing?”And then disappear!

Our client was getting her son ready for bed on another evening and set a bottle of shampoo on the dresser, she left to get something in another room and when she returned the shampoo was sitting on the rocking chair. No one else had been in the room and the dresser and rocking chair were too far apart from each other for the shampoo to have just fallen there. Needless to say our client was a little unnerved by this experience.

We spent a few hours investigating at this apartment and were unable to catch anything on video or recording, but our spiritual consultant returned with us to see what she was able to pick up in the home and while there she felt the presence of a young boy that her guides told her had passed from small pox in the late 20’s to early 30’s in that area. In researching the building we were unable to find anything earlier than 1958 associated with that building, but many times spirits will not only be attached to a building or home, but also to the land or the area they used to dwell, frequent or play which may be the case here. Without a name or record of what was on the land before the house was built we cannot confirm this though.

Our spiritual consultant asked the boy if he would like to cross over and he said he did not want to, he was content being with the client’s baby. Our client was ok with the boy being in the apartment and was glad to have answers as to who was there and to know that is wasn’t an evil presence. The spiritual consultant also felt that the apartment had visitation from other spirits from time to time but the boy was the only one that stayed. The visitations could explain the dark figure in the rocking chair.

The client hasn’t experienced much since the investigation but one night when everyone was in bed, the client awoke to what she thought was a child’s voice saying “Help!”, she immediately got up and checked on the baby. When she got there she found that a blanket that had been placed on the chair earlier had now been on the heater and was beginning to singe from the heat....had the voice been from the boy warning our client of the possible danger? We cannot be sure but are glad to know that the family is safe.