Canon Rd.

Our client lives in a house in Quispamsis where she and her boyfriend have experienced many unexplained things. Before our client moved into the house her boyfriend lived there with a roommate. He and the roommate had several things occur that made them wonder if they were in fact alone in the house. One night while they prepared dinner and had a conversation in the kitchen they were startled as a candle that was sitting on top of the toaster oven was tossed onto the floor. Another time they were shocked to find that a mirror they had hanging in the living room had been moved from its spot on the wall and shattered completely all over the floor. After having another candle thrown from the TV in his bedroom our client’s boyfriend had had enough and stated out loud that whatever had been causing these things to happen had better back off. A while later, our client moved in, and it wasn’t long before she started feeling as if she was being watched. She felt as if someone was standing behind her as she did laundry in the basement and watched her as she tried to fall asleep at night. She has seen the blinds move without a breeze or any other explanation as well as the TV turn on by itself. In a few videos that our client took of her family on her phone she caught some strange orbs. She has also heard loud banging noises coming from the basement while she is upstairs and had ornaments picked up and dropped by an unseen force while laughing and joking around with her boyfriend one night. Our client had a dream of a tall broad man that told her his name was “Billy” and he was the one that had been watching her. We were excited to have the opportunity to investigate this house with all the activity our client and her boyfriend had experienced there. Our spiritual consultant picked up that there was in fact a middle aged man present. During a ghost box session our client’s name was said several times and when she asked if the spirit loved her we received a response “yep”. We caught a couple of EVP’s as well as some strange anomalies on the cameras. Our client is alright with the spirit remaining in the house, as she does not feel that he means any harm. She has told him that he is welcome to stay as long as he does not interfere with her and her boyfriend and he does not scare the children.

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