Cliff St.

Kimberley lived on Cliff Street years ago in an apartment with her son, 2 cats and their dog. She always had an uneasy feeling when she walked in the door and often times felt the need to turn the lights on as she went through apartment. On her way to bed Kimberley would reach the top of the stairs and feel compelled to look to the bottom. A few times when she did look, she would see the image of a man in a dark shirt and a white collar. One night while doing the dishes with the gate up in the kitchen to keep the dog in, something very strange happened. The dog went crazy all of a sudden, he knocked over the gate and ran to the back of the kitchen and shook while watching one particular spot in the dining room. Kimberley could not figure out why the dog was acting that way and tried to get him to come out of the kitchen and he wouldn’t. She finally was able to remove him from the kitchen and he ran straight for his kennel. This dog that had once been hyper and full of life became withdrawn and wouldn’t eat. Not long after that incident, Kimberley walked into the room where her son was sitting facing away from the door and he turned and asked her if she had ever had the feeling she was being watched. Kimberley was taken aback and felt even more uneasy after these incidents. When Kimberley had found that the apartment was up for rent and was vacant she asked permission from the landlord to have Loyalist City Paranormal come in to investigate. The building was built approximately 1875. She had mentioned hearing that the building at one time was owned by either a convent or the cathedral and we were able to confirm this during our research. The building was at one time owned by St. Vincent’s Convent. While investigating, one of our members that is sensitive was able to pick up on an older woman who was present and was given the name Agatha or Agathe. We were unable to confirm this information, without record of who lived there when owned by the convent. We didn’t have much happen during the investigation itself, but we did manage to capture some strange things on camera as well as some EVP’s.