Old Fire Station

Our client has access to a building that 15 years ago housed a fire station here in the city of Saint John. Being a natural sceptic, our client has never really believed or had any experiences with the paranormal. Since being in the space late at night and having some strange happenings he has begun to wonder if there may be something more hanging around in there and so called our group in to investigate.

Late one night with the door to the main room closed and his back to the door, our client has turned to find the door opened on several occasions. Even though he is absolutely certain the door was tightly shut it has opened again and again without the help of any earthly beings.

Occasionally our client would have a few friends with him at the space and on one of these occasions his friends were out talking and having a coffee on the staircase leading down to the main room of the fire house. He heard a commotion coming from the staircase and went out to see what was going on. His friends seemed quite shaken and alarmed. He asked what had happened and they explained to him that they had heard a commotion in the basement as if there were several people down there crashing and banging around. They knew there was nobody in the basement at the time and so were disturbed by the noise. Our client began to poke fun at his friends but decided he would go down to the basement to see what had caused the ruckus. When he got there he discovered the basement as he always knew it to be, quiet and still. Nothing had been disturbed. Our client retreated from the basement now feeling uneasy. His friends had been just a little too sure they had heard something down there and not just a little bump either!

On our investigation we had a few strange occurrences. Down in the basement several noises were heard and an abnormal EMF spike with no source to be found, this happening in the same room the noises were heard. Also a strange light was captured on camera in the kitchen off of the main work space