The Garage

Our client lives in a house on Loch Lomond. When her ex moved out of the house, he thought he should mention to her that strange things had been happening in the garage. One time in particular stood out for him, he had been in there and turned everything off, went and did a couple of things in the house and when he returned everything was back on again! The client had never experienced anything in the garage but felt it was a little creepy in there. She had been to see a psychic who told her that there was a spirit in the garage that was protecting her….she however, did not feel protected when she was in there. She decided to contact us to see what we could find and in the process spoke to a few friends of her ex that told her strange things had happened to them in the garage.

The client’s ex and his friends went out to the garage to jam…they were getting ready and one of the friends turned on the amp. Instead of the steady hum that you would regularly hear when an amp is turned on the friends all heard strange music coming from it! The lyrics spoke of Satan and his children! Another friend had mentioned that he had been in there one night and felt as if the entire room had shifted! Finally two weekends ago the client held a bonfire in her backyard. She invited a bunch of friends and they were having a great time, when she hurt herself suddenly. The injury required stitches and so she went to the hospital. The friends had all left the bonfire at the same time as the client. When she returned to the yard the next morning to clean up she was shocked to find that the chairs were all lying on the ground in such a way that the wind could not have knocked them over. They were laying in a perfect half circle…as if someone had just gone and knocked them backward in their place! All but one chair were knocked over. The client was very frightened by this and left the chairs as they were and has not been back there since.

We investigated her garage and collected some interesting pieces of evidence…

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  • The Garage Revisited

    Loyalist City Paranormal were so intrigued by their first visit to the garage that we decided to return for another. This time we brought our new psychic consultant Paula Hunter to see what she was able to pick up on the property. Paula felt as if the southwest side of the property was where the entities and energy were coming from. The strongest energy felt by Paula was from a spirit that had never actually lived a human life. The spirit takes on a male persona, and was amused by us being there. She could pick up that he enjoyed frightening people and although he spent time in the garage he is not there all the time, he is attached to the property. Paula used her dousing rods to ask questions of the spirits as well as to sense where the energies were coming from and again and again the rods pointed to the far l corner of the property, even when used by a team member whom had never used them before. During a ghost box session one team member had asked if the spirit or spirits that were in the garage missed the client’s ex who had spent a lot of time in the garage and had some strange experiences there. The answer we heard was “kicked him out!”. We had asked the spirit or spirits to say one of our names and in two instances the name “Jamie” was member Jamie Page sat next to the ghost box as this occurred. We heard noises and voices outside the garage but when a couple of members went to leave, moments after hearing the voices, they found no one was there! We decided to do one last session with the ghost box at the end of the evening and proceeded to the ground floor of the garage, turning off the lights as we went. When we reached the ground floor we then heard several banging noises as if someone was upstairs moving around! We knew no one was there and video footage confirms this. After several instances of hearing these noises we then started the ghost box session only to hear a strange moaning or wailing sound from outside the garage! One team member felt the sensation of being poked on his leg, which had occurred in the same area of the garage that another member felt the same thing on the previous investigation! We wrapped up the night and began the long and tedious task of going through the footage and recordings where we found some strange things. An orb that seems to come from a team member’s head, footage of what looks like the plastic on a window being pushed by an unseen hand and a tarp falling followed by foot steps in the empty garage! Have a look at our footage and let us know what you think.

  • Have a look at our footage and let us know what you think.