A Small Community Center

We visited a community center located in Saint John, where the client mentioned they always felt uneasy and like they were being watched.

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  • After reviewing some evidence the client sent us we decided to investigate.

    There were many cameras and voice recorders going... Here's what we caught.

    This was our first investigation with our newly acquired Spirit Box, it didn't let us down. We asked for what their name was...

    EVP 1

    To us, it sounds like, "yep, Deven ... Grant".

    We just started investigating. The voice recorders just started. Seconds after Diana asked if anyone was with us, you can hear two knocks from behind her from a locked closet door.

    EVP 2

    You may have to turn it up a bit but it sounds like breathing in this one and the rest of the EVP's

    EVP 3

    EVP 3

    EVP 4

    The camera is pointed towards Diana. You can see an orb float towards Diana just as you hear "Hello" on the Spirit Box. It's pretty quick. It comes in right to left.