A Local Community Center

A local community center has had some strange happenings over the years. It began as a school and children have felt uncomfortable and been afraid to go into the basement to use the washrooms there. Nothing of significance has happened in the building, no known deaths or traumatic incidents that we know of, but it is located next to a cemetery. In recent years the building was opened as a community center and people visiting the center have heard knocking sounds and bangs coming from different rooms and items have been moved from their original spots. One particular incident that stands out is during a program put on for children at the center a loud noise was heard coming from a room upstairs. A volunteer went upstairs to investigate and found in the game room that there was a ball in the middle of the room which was not previously there. The balls are kept in a latched closet in that room and the closet door was still closed upon inspection! A small group of individuals decided to do their own investigation and caught some orbs on camera and had some eerie feelings in one particular room. We were given the opportunity to investigate at this community center and had some unexplained occurrences ourselves

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