Lori lives in an apartment on the lower west side of Saint John with her young daughter and infant son. She feels that her family is haunted by a spirit named Michael that is very protective of her children and that was trying to scare her at first but has since been a non threatening presence in her home. Lori found the spirit's name was Michael when she saw her son talking and waving to something or someone and when Lori asked, he answered with the name Michael. She has since adopted this name for her spirit.

When Michael first began making his presence known to Lori, it was frightening for her. He would knock her purse down off the kitchen counter, knock really loud to get her attention, throw the baby gate, interfere with electronics and lights and even seemed to possess a toy one night while Lori was talking on the phone. The toy in question was a parrot that would make a few random noises when turned on but would also repeat what you say to it. The toy parrot was off and while Lori spoke on the phone, it started to go through it's phrases as if someone had just turned it on! And then it began to repeat what she was saying. The toy was not even turned on so, terrified, Lori sat and watched helpless as the toy taunted her for quite some time.

Another frightening incident occurred when Lori heard a loud thump come from upstairs. When she went to investigate she reached the top of the stairs and it was as if Michael hollered Lori's name directly in her face! She was so startled she almost fell down the stairs!

Lori got tired of feeling anxious about the spirit all the time and she felt fed up and told Michael that she was not scared of him, since then he has seemed to calm down. Lori feels that Michael is protective of the children. He turns her sons mobile on in the middle of the night and one evening the children were upstairs and Lori was in the basement on the phone arguing with her ex so the children would not hear because she was on a different floor and the furnace was running. All of a sudden the lights turned off in the basement and when Lori stopped and listened she could hear her children both crying. She is certain it was Michael warning her that she needed to check on her children!

One night Lori spoke on the phone with her mother. When her mother had asked who was there, Lori answered that her sister was there and suddenly the dead computer began to play music! Lori knew it was Michael, perhaps he was upset that she hadn't mentioned his presence to her mother as well. Lori is moving to a new apartment, only time will tell if Michael decides to join her and her family. We did a brief investigation at Lori's apartment and did not catch anything on video or audio recorders. We did however find that when Lori felt as if Michael was around her, she would feel tingly and then we would get a corresponding spike on our EMF detectors! We also heard a drum being tapped on in her daughter's room and no one was in there!