The Loyalist House

On October 31st 2012, we had the opportunity to investigate one of the oldest houses in Saint John the Loyalist House located on Union Street. We have heard stories of unexplained happenings and were delighted at the chance to see if anything similar would occur while we were there armed with our night vision cameras and digital recorders. The night began with a tour of the house and the chance to visit areas in the house that are off limits to the public including the attic, where the servants quarters are located, a crawl space under the north parlour and the basement. The trap door leading into the crawl space was so tiny that only one person was able to get in and look around. Founder and Lead Investigator Diana McGrath-Grant climbed down into the small square in the floor located in the north parlour, and scanned the area with the handheld night vision camera. “I wasn’t really sure what to expect climbing in; I was more worried about what kind of rodents I would run into while I was down there!” Diana was not able to move around in the crawl space, there was only enough room for her to kneel down and pan with the handheld camera. “It was quite the experience being down there and even though I didn’t see anything while there, it is something I will not soon forget!”

After a visit to the basement, which contained old bottles and birdcages, we took a group photo and something peculiar occurred. David Goss attempted to take the photograph several times, but the photo seemed to come up very dark....almost as if half the room was engulfed in a dark fog even when using his flash. Technical Manager Deven Grant took the photo on his camera in the same spot David Goss was standing and it turned out fine. After this occurrence one of the members of the Historical Society that led us on the tour Ron, mentioned that this did not surprise him. One time he had some children in for a visit at the house and decided to take some pictures of them sitting on an old bench. Ron told us that the two girls sat for their photo and the shots came out fine, but when the two boys sat in the same spot for their photo...there was a mist in front of them. Ron tried several times to take the boy’s picture but with the same result. He could not explain why this happened.

After the group photo we began to set up. Deven Grant and Graham Borthwick began placing the cameras from the security system in the places that our spiritual medium Paula Hunter felt might be active; one spot being the nursery up on the second floor. She felt as if there was a lot of energy in there. The other spots were facing the north parlour, one facing the servant’s staircase and the last in the attic. With the cameras in place we began our investigation.

Diana had turned on her audio recorder before the group photo was taken and on the way to the nursery where we began the investigation, she noticed it was mysteriously turned off! We started with an EVP session in the nursery, and then a session with the ghost box. Then we moved on to the adjacent bedrooms. Paula felt as if the cradle in the far bedroom did not belong where it was. There was a woman spirit present and Paula felt as if this woman was upset about the cradle being in that room and that it needed to be moved. Just before sitting to discuss this we caught an EVP. Team member Mindy Gault saw a picture on the bed and asked if the picture had always been there. Heard over top of Mindy’s voice is a whisper that one member believes says “walk awaaaay” while another heard “on the bed”, when brought up with the facebook group someone heard “alwaaaays”. Just after this happens we all sat on the floor next to the cradle. Another whisper is heard, this time in between voices. Once again everyone heard something different. One member heard “Can’t help” while another heard “Get out” We are unsure who or what has sent us these messages! Also during a walk through the north parlour we heard what sounded like a scream to a few of the members! This was caught on the digital recorder as well. We sat on the front staircase and did a ghost box session with not much luck. During this session Technical Assistant Graham Borthwick was taking temperature readings with the laser thermometer gun and it began to malfunction. It wouldn’t work at all for a few minutes and then mysteriously began to work again minutes later.

One of the stationary cameras pointing toward the north parlour caught what we can only describe as lightning in the room. It seems to appear in the middle of the screen and disappears just as fast. It is only there for a split second but Loyalist City has yet to come to a conclusion as to what it is.

Loyalist City Paranormal was thrilled at the opportunity to be able to investigate the Loyalist House. We were also thrilled to have caught some EVP’s as well as the strange video from the north parlour. Thanks to David Goss for setting up the tour with Ron and Deborah Coleman. Ron and Deb were awesome tour guides and shared some wonderful stories through the night as did David Goss. Check out the EVP’s and videos we caught!

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