Angie, a mother of five living in uptown Saint John has been experiencing things in her apartment for some time now. She has had lights turn on, cupboards, doors and even windows open on their own. One night while Angie was on her computer, a plastic cabinet that she had placed on a shelf over top of her computer desk fell almost on top of her! She was the only one in the room at the time and sitting still at her computer, her children all in bed.

Another incident that frightened Angie was when she was sitting on the couch in her living room and she saw what looked like a large white orb outside flying toward her crashed into the window pane with a loud bang that startled her and then disappeared!

Angie’s children have also had unexplained things happen to them. Her toddler stands by the railing at the stairs and waves and speaks to someone standing down on the stairs, but no one is there. Her oldest daughter was lying in bed one night with her younger sister when she felt the bed moving. She realized it was being lifted up off the ground and then placed back down again. Her sister slept through the entire experience.

Toys go off on their own in Angie’s apartment on a regular basis, but the most terrifying for her was her experience with a bear that lights up and makes noises when the belly is pressed. The bear was in the living room as Angie and her fiancé were watching a movie one night. It went off several times on its own, interrupting their movie. Finally, fed up, her fiancé removed the batteries from the toy and placed it in the bedroom. Only a few moments later the bear went off again! Angie has since gotten rid of this particular toy.

Finally one night Angie walked past her laundry room on the way to the living room, she glanced in and in the mirror saw a man with long hair staring back at her that spoke her name! She was so frightened that it took her a while to get the courage to look in and see if the man was still there. When she did he was gone!

We had the opportunity to investigate at Angie’s apartment and we did capture a few EVP’s as well as a strange light over the stairs where her son waves and speaks to “someone”. Our spiritual consultant Paula picked up on a woman and a small boy presence in the home. She felt that the woman was the boy’s mother and although they are in the same space they are not able to find each other, causing them both grief. At one point Paula was so overwhelmed by the sadness that the little boy felt that she became very emotional and wept.

In researching the property we were unable to find anything of significance that had happened there, although the building is quite old. There is no doubt that Angie and her family have had many unexplained happenings in their apartment. Check out what we captured on our investigation.