With your host Diana McGrath Grant

You can catch us on LocalFM here in Saint John, NB.

  • Just incase you missed it... or live nowheres near Saint John, New Brunswick, the radio shows will be posted here.

    March 14

    The very first show. Alittle background to the group with special guest, Senior Investigator Jamie Page

    March 21

    The tech episode with Technical Manager, Deven Grant

    March 24

    With Pat Cormier

    April 26

    A discussion of the after life with team investigators, Beth Mason, and Jamie Page

    May 9

    Part 1 Talking with spiritual consultant Paula about Guardian Angels (Paula)

    May 16

    Part 2 with spiritual consultant Paula about Guardian Angels (Paula)

    May 23

    Orbs a thing or not.... with Susan


    Hanging with Mike talking about Demons! (Mike)

    June 6

    Talking to Chris about Time travel!

    June 13

    How spirits communicate and synchronicity, with Kelly

    June 20

    Dreams, lucid dreams and astral projection, with Bobbi

    June 27

    Ways to capture evidence, with Deven

    July 4

    How LCP all got start, Diana

    July 11

    Saint John hauntings and investigations Diana