Red Head

Charlotte and her husband Raymond moved into their house out in Redhead a few years ago. Not long after moving in strange things began to happen that frightened Charlotte. She heard noises, loud banging and felt as if someone was there with her when she was alone. Their cat would cry to get out of the house late at night as if frightened by something unseen...and it has always been an indoor cat. Charlotte had an experience in her bedroom that was particularly terrifying for her. She awoke to see a dog standing by the foot of her bed. She said it was a very strange looking small dog with its hair all standing on end and its teeth bared. Well Charlotte was very startled and wasn’t sure what to do...she pulled the blankets up over her head in the hopes that it would go away, which eventually it did. This experience caused Charlotte to move from the bedroom to a different room in the hopes that she would be able to sleep better and not feel as frightened. Not long after moving rooms Charlotte was again woken up but this time by the feeling of someone tugging at her blanket. She then heard a woman’s voice say “Excuse me that your dog??” Charlotte once again terrified pulled the blankets up over her head until she finally fell asleep. There was no other woman in the house, and she could not think of an explanation for it. Both Charlotte and her husband, when in bed felt as if there was a small animal walking around them...they felt little footprints walking around on the bed and when they looked the cat was nowhere to be found. Raymond had even experienced what felt like someone bumping into the mattress while he was in bed asleep. He awoke to find that there was nobody there. Charlotte began to become more and more terrified. She was crying every night and was not sleeping. She finally made a visit to our Spiritual Consultant’s store where she was referred to us.

We investigated Charlotte’s house and did have a few strange things occur while we were there. In Charlotte’s original bedroom our spiritual consultant felt as if there was a small vortex or portal where spirits were entering. In this bedroom we encountered several equipment malfunctions and people were getting a heavy feeling. A digital camera refused to take pictures while in this bedroom in the doorway and when the investigator stopped to tell the others of the malfunction the camera began taking pictures on its own. An audio recorder was drained of its battery as was a small infrared camera placed in the other bedroom. Both had been fully charged at the beginning of the investigation. During the investigation we captured what sounded like a small pup barking or yelping, and as we mentioned Charlotte and Raymond only have a cat. The barking or yelping occurred close to the microphone on the audio recorder so we can tell that is was coming from inside the house. We also captured a strange flash or surge of light when panning from one side of the bedroom to the door where our spiritual consultant felt the portal and this cannot be explained as of yet. One thing that was noted on the night of the investigation as we were taking our initial temperature and EMF readings is that there were high EMF readings in several places around the house. The readings were especially high in the room that Charlotte’s computer was in where she was known to spend a lot of her time. Our spiritual consultant did a clearing of the house on the night of the investigation and then returned on another date to focus on closing the portal in the doorway. We also gave Charlotte and Raymond some information on EMF Sensitivity. People that are known to be sensitive to EMF’s can experience several symptoms including insomnia, depression, a feeling of being watched. Although we feel their experiences with the paranormal are valid, we also wanted them to be aware that this can occur. We suggested to move Charlotte’s computer from the room and if that was not an option just for them to be aware that this can occur and if she gets the feelings while in that particular room to remove herself for a while. Since our investigation Charlotte has moved back into the original bedroom and was able to finally sleep through the night. We hope that Charlotte and Raymond will continue to feel more at ease in their home.